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Climate Active Program Direction Consultation - Kakariki Capital Submission

Updated: Jan 19

Kakariki recently made a submission to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water on the direction and future of Climate Active.

Our submission was guided by several simple principles:

  1. Action is always better than targets – use of offsets as a temporary or finite solution should not be punished;

  2. Targets need to be achievable – some industries cannot decarbonise, and these should not be able to achieve a Climate Active certification, but should be recognised for doing the right thing through an alternative certification or award;

  3. Climate action needs to be transparent and easily understood – climate claims lose credibility and value when they hinge on technicalities, companies who decarbonise or contribute to decarbonisation should be recognised.

  4. Offsets cannot be the only solution, but for some industries they are the best way to contribute – some industries should not have a future post-2050. In the meantime though, they should not be discouraged from using offsets (particularly nature-based) to reverse damage done.

Read our submission to find out more.

Kakariki Capital_Climate Active Consultation Response Submission
Download PDF • 762KB


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