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About Kakariki

At Kakariki we see investment a little differently.  We are investors in a rapidly expanding sector, offering a highly attractive risk/return profile to our unit holders and, passionate investors in the future of our planet and the people who inhabit it.  As an investment manager, these two objectives underlie everything we do. 


Kakariki delivers superior returns to investors by providing access to the global carbon market and in turn the highest quality projects.


We leverage our unrivalled knowledge of carbon markets and deep relationships to access the best investment opportunities in what can be a confusing space.  Our rigorous process targets investments that maximise financial returns as well as environmental and social impact. We know we have succeeded when these goals are integrated.


Kakariki Capital is privately owned. We currently manage Individual Management Agreements (IMAs), the wholesale Kakariki Carbon Fund 1.0., and the Kakariki Land Generation Fund.

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