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Kakariki Carbon Fund 1.0

About the Fund

Kakariki Capital’s Carbon Fund 1.0 is the first fund of its kind in the Australian market that takes a long-term view of carbon credits and related assets.


The Kakariki Carbon Fund 1.0 is a wholesale, open-ended Australian unit trust, that invests in high quality carbon assets and offsets. While the fund intends to focus on nature-based projects in the international market it also invests in Australian and compliance market assets.

Investment Strategy

We are a values led organisation and a value investor.

We identify assets that are fundamentally undervalued due to the complex nature of the carbon market and look to hold assets where we see significant price upside due to supply demand dynamics in the market. A portion of our portfolio is also allocated towards arbitrage and relative value opportunities, taking advantage of dislocations between standardised instruments in the market and their underlying components.


We are strongly aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and believe in the need to take urgent action to address climate change and its impacts, while reducing inequality within and among countries.

Kakariki invests in high quality projects that deliver direct and meaningful benefits to local communities, and that also deliver the best returns for investors.

We aim for exposures to:

·         The most reputable project developers

·         The most positively impactful projects for the environment

·         Projects which change the lives of stakeholders for the better       

When we satisfy these exposure targets through the carbon markets, we are confident we are running the premium portfolio we aspire to.

Mountain View

Information Memorandum
Kakariki Carbon Fund 1.0

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