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Meet the Team

The team at Kakariki meet our investors at a place where value meets values.
Integrity drives everything we do and our goal is to harness the potential of global carbon markets to help decarbonise the planet, support the communities most affected by climate change and deliver our investors the type of returns on offer at the early stages of a multi-decade investment super-cycle.
The team at Kakariki look to collaborate with carbon developers, local communities, and governments to assist in the scaling of a robust and transparent global carbon market and help decarbonise the planet.
We look for unique approaches to solve what is a global problem.
The wider Kakariki team have broad commercial expertise, deep market knowledge and a commitment to deliver for the planet, those that live on it, and our investors.

Izzy Jensen

Founder & Chief Investment Officer


Lachy Ritchie

CEO - Kakariki Land


Lillian Kline

Chief Impact Officer

Lawrence Myers.jpg

Lawrence Myers



Nina Dunn

Business Development Manager


Ploypailin Sundarajumpaka

Investment Advisory Board

Tim Brown 2_edited.jpg

Tim Brown

Investment Advisory Board


Danny Goldberg

Executive Director

Adelaide McDonald.jpg

Adelaide McDonald

Investment Committee - Kakariki land

Olivia Pitt_edited_edited.jpg

Olivia Pitt

Investment Advisory Board

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