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Carbon and broader environmental markets present a significant new investment opportunity.

But as a nascent asset class it can be hard to get up to speed, to decipher the jargon and to feel confident to invest. We get it! 

That's why we have synthesised decades of experience into a simple step-by-step learning experience. We hope it helps!

Carbon Markets 101.

Let's get started. In our carbon markets 101 series we explain the basic functions of the global carbon markets. Covering both the voluntary carbon market (VCM) and compliance carbon markets. We unpack everything from how carbon credits work, who buys them, how they are traded and the overarching mechanics of the carbon market.


We also explain the global imperative for decarbonisation, explore the emerging investment opportunity presented by carbon markets, and unpack the necessity for investors and investment managers to hedge against emerging carbon price risk.  


Reduce vs. Offset: why do we need carbon credits?

Carbon offsetting has come under fire in the media, touted by some as a "ticket to pollute". This guidebook unpacks the interplay between emission reduction and carbon offsetting. Elevating the conversation towards practical real-world solutions.   

Beginner    |   3 min read


The three decarbonisation tactics: Reduce, Inset & Offset

Emission reduction, carbon insetting and carbon offsetting are the three core tactics for corporate decarbonisation. But what are they? How do they work? What are some examples of these projects? 

Intermediate    |   8 min read


What is a carbon credit?

Let's tackle the most fundamental question about carbon markets. We break down the concept of a carbon credit step-by-step. This is a must-read for anyone looking to delve into this exciting and growing market.

Beginner   |    5 min read 

More guidebooks coming soon

Carbon Markets - How To Invest

In the second section of our learning hub we move towards how you can take action as an investor or investment manager can access the carbon market thematic.  Covering different investment options, structures, risks, return profiles and more.  

We also how carbon market investments can assist companies seeking to secure a cost effective supply of carbon credits.


Stay Tuned: These guidebooks will be coming soon.

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