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Kakariki Land in the News: New Developments in Australia's Carbon Market

Updated: May 30

We are pleased to share that Lachy Ritchie, the CEO of Kakariki Land, was recently featured in an S&P article discussing Australia's new process for developing carbon credit methodologies. This marks a significant step towards innovation and sustainability in our industry.

Article Synopsis:

Australia has introduced a new process allowing any market participant to propose methodologies for generating carbon credits, shifting away from government-led development. This proponent-led model is expected to encourage innovation and increase the supply of Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs). The move comes in response to slow development under the previous system and aims to support the country's net zero ambition.

Lachy Ritchie, CEO of Kakariki Land, highlighted the importance of clear guidance and substantial investment to ensure the success of this new approach. He noted: "Proponents will likely need to work with external consultants, requiring substantial investments. The DCCEEW needs to manage expectations and help participants understand the level of commitment and costs involved. Otherwise, I fear they will get an avalanche of sub-par draft methodologies and could quickly become bogged down in feedback and revision."

Read the full article for more insights into these crucial developments and their potential impact on the carbon market.


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