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Reducing Emissions and Offsetting: A Dual Approach to Climate Action

In the fight against climate change, we must utilise every tool available to us. That's why it's crucial not just to focus on reducing emissions but also to support offsetting as a necessary complementary strategy.

Offsets provide a market-based mechanism that is third-party verified, audited, and globally accepted by the likes of VerraGold StandardClean Energy RegulatorClimate Action Reserve. Carbon offsets represent an efficient way to channel finance to developing countries, driving positive social and environmental impacts.

Here’s why we need to focus on both reduction and offsetting:

1️⃣ Offsets are the most practical tool we currently have for immediate impact.

2️⃣ They offer a pathway to significant environmental and social benefits.


✅ We love it when The Guardian applauds the companies who are trying—and doesn't criticise them for taking action. 

✅ We love it when Bloomberg News encourages more companies to participate, rather than scaring them away. 

✅ We love it when Ecologi | B Corp™ improves the integrity and transparency of their carbon projects. 

✅ We love it when the The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) works to expand and enhance carbon markets. 

✅ We love it when the Science Based Targets initiative engages in balanced discussions, acknowledging the role of offsets. 

✅ We love it when Climate Active holds companies accountable for their emissions—We cannot let them focus solely on reduction.

By embracing both emission reductions and offsets, we can make a more substantial impact. Let's work together to support initiatives that lead to a sustainable, low-carbon future. 💚


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